Acne Treatments and Facial Acupuncture

In our clinic we integrate nutritional rejuvenation of skin with Superfoods and supplementation of proven, natural supplements based on a propietary concentrate of Green tea and 4 Asian superfruits (Gac, Cili Fruit, Goji berries and Sea Buckthorn) to stimulate collagen production, protect cell membranes, protect DNA and reverse free radical damage.) We utilise a laser technique to instantly analyse the carotenoid antioxidant biomarker to estimate levels of carotenoid antioxidants in the skin. Our aim is to achieve the goal of a healthy person with healthy skin. Males and females are treated at our clinic.

Other laboratory and clinic tests are incorporated into the programme where necessary in an individualised way.

We apply the latest breakthrough Skin technology through clinic and home iontophoresis to block the Genetically programmed Arnox ageing enzymes from progressively ageing the skin from within. Our aim is to achieve the quickest, most effective results in a cost - effective way for our patients and I personally guide them through the process , step by step. Our results are superb. Other topical treatments which may be needed include Ridopuncture (needling using local anaesthetic), Low level laser therapy and VPL.

We treat Acne in an integrated way, with nutritional programmes, hormonal balancing through herbs, homotoxicology, diet and exercise and supplementation which is individually prescribed. Where necessary, Medical prescription is integrated in the treatment programme. Patients are encouraged to take an active role in their own treatment at home in an empowering way.

VPL is also extremely effective at reduction of body and facial hair and there is no need to use local anaesthetic creams. There is usually no downtime with these treatments. Soft diamond peel micro-dermabrasion is another gentle treatment to support exfoliation and renewed complexions if needed.

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