Dr Marilyn Golden topped the state in the Medical Acupuncture Fellowship examination P1 – achieving a mark of 90.5% in 2006. She is endorsed by AHPRA as a Medical Acupuncturist. Acupuncture is a proven therapeutic modality backed by class 1 Medical Research and it is a valuable treatment for many conditions.

Marilyn continues her ongoing study in Acupuncture, attending trainings throughout the year with leading teachers from all over the world. She is also studying Mandarin to further her ability to read Acupuncture texts. Acupuncture may be a useful treatment for many physical and emotional conditions including musculoskeletal pain, anxiety, nausea and insomnia as well as some internal conditions.

Marilyn has also trained in Facial Acupuncture under Dr Vivian Tam, Dr Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and Dr Radha Thambirajah. She has a special interest in treating Acne.

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