Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy uses red and infrared light which is non-thermal, does not burn or heat and is very useful when combined with acupuncture for painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr Marilyn Golden is a qualified laser therapist and she uses low level laser therapy for many different inflammatory skin conditions such as acne (her specialty), eczema, wounds, scarring, postsurgery healing, nail conditions, non-needle acupuncture, mastitis (postpartum) and lymphoedema. Low level laser therapy is also useful for treating pain.

Far infrared energy consists of a wavelength of 5 to 25 microns which penetrates through skin, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, relieves pain, spasm and inflammation, enhances elimination of toxins and stimulates the flow of Qi and self- healing. Humans radiate close to nine microns of infrared heat. It is safe and mimics the use of moxa in traditional acupuncture therapy. For whole body detoxification therapy we use the Far Infrared sauna and for specific conditions as above, we use Far Infrared therapeutic devices in the clinic.

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