• Golden Energy - Recipes for Rejuvenation

    Golden Energy - Recipes for Rejuvenation


    GOLDEN ENERGY - RECIPES for REJUVENATION is your guide to vital health and energy. Take your first step to reversing ageing and illness.

    Dr Marilyn Golden wrote this book to guide her patients in her clinic on their healing journey to reverse their illnesses and the aging process through increasing the percentage of plant based raw foods in their diets. The clinical results in her practice have been so exciting that she decided to publish the book in order to help people who can't consult with her personally.

    It is a recipe guide to including fresh, raw foods for each meal throughout the day with delicious recipes that work, ingredient lists that are mostly concise and techniques that are adaptable for those who wish to cook some of the recipes.

    By eating this way and incorporating these foods, many patients have improved their health, energy and emotional wellbeing beyond their greatest expectations.

    You are what you eat and this book shows you what to eat, how to make it and how to ensure that your nutrient intake throughout each day is diverse and readily available for your body to initiate its healing.

    Patients, Doctors and Natural Health professionals have seen the results for themselves!


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